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Accelerate Your Career: Comparing Advanced Diploma + MBA vs. Bachelor's Degree for Working Adults Age 30 and Above


Are you an SPM leaver aged 30 years old or above, seeking to advance your career in the field of management? Choosing the right educational path can significantly impact your professional growth and opportunities.

In this blog post, we will compare two distinct routes to career advancement:

  • pursuing a MQA-accredited 1-year Advanced Diploma in Management (RM11,000 in fees) followed by an MQA-accredited 1-year MBA via APEL A Level 7, and
  • opting for a 3-year MQA-accredited Bachelor of Management program (RM28,000 in fees).

We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each pathway, emphasizing the benefits of the Advanced Diploma + MBA route, including cost savings and reduced duration, compared to the traditional Bachelor's degree option.

Advantages of Pursuing a MQA-Accredited 1-Year Advanced Diploma + MBA:

  1. Cost-Effective Investment: One of the major advantages of the Advanced Diploma + MBA route is its affordability. Pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Management entails fees of approximately RM11,000, and upon graduation, pursuing an MQA-accredited MBA costs RM15,500. This combined cost is still significantly lower than the fees associated with a 3-year Bachelor's degree program.
  2. Accelerated Career Progression: By completing the Advanced Diploma within a year, you can enter the job market sooner, gaining valuable practical experience and advancing your career faster. Following this with an MQA-accredited MBA further enhances your qualifications and increases your prospects for managerial positions.
  3. Time Efficiency: The Advanced Diploma + MBA pathway offers a more time-efficient option for career advancement. While a traditional Bachelor's degree program typically spans three years, an Advanced Diploma can be completed within a year, and the subsequent MQA-accredited MBA can also be completed in just one year. Thus, the entire educational journey from Advanced Diploma to MBA can be accomplished in two years, saving you one year compared to the Bachelor's degree route.

Disadvantages of Pursuing a MQA-Accredited 1-Year Advanced Diploma + MBA:

  1. Limited Depth of Knowledge: Due to the condensed timeframe, the Advanced Diploma program may not cover management concepts as comprehensively as a 3-year Bachelor's degree. The scope of knowledge acquired may be narrower, potentially impacting your understanding of complex management principles and theories.
  2. Perception by Employers: While an Advanced Diploma and MBA are recognized qualifications, some employers may still prioritize candidates with a traditional Bachelor's degree. This perception could limit job opportunities or career advancement in certain industries or positions. It's essential to research and understand the specific requirements and expectations of your target industry before making a decision.

Advantages of Pursuing a 3-Year Bachelor's Degree:

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge and Skill Set: A 3-year Bachelor's degree program provides a comprehensive understanding of management principles, theories, and practices. It offers a deeper exploration of various management disciplines, equipping you with a broader skill set that can enhance your career growth and advancement opportunities.
  2. Industry Recognition: A Bachelor's degree is widely recognized and valued by employers across various industries. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Management can significantly increase your employability and open doors to a broader range of job opportunities.

Disadvantages of Pursuing a 3-Year Bachelor's Degree:

  1. Higher Financial Investment: Pursuing a Bachelor's degree entails a higher financial investment, with tuition fees estimated around RM28,000. This financial burden can be challenging for working adults like you who already have financial responsibilities or limited resources.
  2. Extended Time Commitment: The 3-year duration of a Bachelor's degree program requires a longer time commitment. This may delay your entry into the job market and necessitate balancing work, personal life, and education simultaneously.


Choosing the right educational path is a crucial decision that can shape your career trajectory. As an SPM leaver aged 30 years old or above, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an Advanced Diploma + MBA versus a Bachelor's degree in Management is essential. While the Advanced Diploma + MBA route offers cost savings, time efficiency, and accelerated career progression, the Bachelor's degree path provides a comprehensive education and broader industry recognition. Consider your individual circumstances, career goals, and industry requirements to make an informed decision that aligns with your aspirations and sets you on the path to success.

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