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Balancing Act: Unlocking the Potential of UNIRAZAK's Part-Time MBA Program for Working Adults

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For working professionals seeking to advance their careers through higher education, pursuing an MBA can be a transformative experience. However, the demanding schedules of work and family commitments can make it challenging to accommodate traditional full-time MBA programs.

That's where the UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program steps in, offering a flexible and tailored approach that allows working adults to balance their professional, personal, and educational pursuits.

In this blog post, we will explore how the UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program works, leveraging online learning and modular scheduling to provide a convenient and effective educational experience.


Flexible Online Learning for Busy Schedules

The UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program recognizes the time constraints faced by working adults and has embraced an online mode of study. This innovative approach allows students to access course materials, lectures, and assignments from anywhere, at any time. Through the university's Learning Management System (LMS) called UROX/Coursera, students can access a wealth of resources, including pre-recorded videos, recorded versions of past live lectures, comprehensive notes, assignments, and quizzes.

The online learning platform offers flexibility and convenience, empowering working adults to tailor their study schedule to fit their existing commitments. Whether it's early mornings, late evenings, or weekends, students can access the course materials at their own pace, allowing them to strike a balance between work, family, and education.


Live Online Lectures for Interactive Learning

While the UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program primarily operates through online learning, it also incorporates live online lectures to foster interaction and engagement among students and professors. These live sessions provide an opportunity for students to engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and seek clarification on complex topics.

The program ensures that students have access to approximately 12 hours of live online lectures per module. These lectures serve as valuable learning experiences, allowing students to benefit from the expertise of their professors and engage with their peers. The interactive nature of live online lectures creates a sense of community within the program, fostering collaborative learning and networking opportunities.


A Mix of Assessments for Effective Time Management

To accommodate the time constraints of working adults, the UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program adopts a mix of online assessments, consisting of 70% online assignments and 30% online exams. This assessment format allows students to manage their time effectively while ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge and skills.

Online assignments provide an opportunity for students to apply theoretical concepts to practical scenarios, enabling them to deepen their understanding and develop critical thinking skills. These assignments can be completed at a time convenient for the students, offering flexibility in their submission deadlines.

Online exams, on the other hand, test students' comprehension and application of course material within a specific time frame. The combination of assignments and exams allows working adults to allocate their study time effectively, maintaining a balance between their professional and academic responsibilities.


Modular Scheduling for Progression and Flexibility

The UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program follows a modular scheduling approach, further enhancing the flexibility for working adults. The program consists of 12 modules, each lasting approximately 7 weeks. Students have the option to choose between a one-year fast track MBA, where they undertake two modules per cycle, or a two-year MBA, where they focus on one module per cycle.

This modular basis allows students to manage their workload efficiently, ensuring they can dedicate ample time to each module without overwhelming their professional commitments. The structured progression through the program ensures a steady advancement in knowledge and skill acquisition while accommodating the demands of a busy lifestyle.


Major Project for Real-World Application

In addition to the 12 modules, the UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program includes a major project that allows students to apply their learning to real-world business challenges. The major project serves as a culminating experience, integrating the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program into a practical setting.

The project provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to analyze complex business issues, develop strategic solutions, and present their findings in a professional manner. It also allows them to showcase their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, further enhancing their professional portfolio and readiness for future career advancement.



The UNIRAZAK part-time MBA program offers a flexible and effective pathway for working adults to pursue their educational aspirations while maintaining a balance between work, family, and personal commitments.

Through online learning, live online lectures, a mix of assessments, modular scheduling, and a major project, the program empowers students to unlock their potential and advance their careers. By leveraging technology and tailored scheduling,

UNIRAZAK has created a platform that enables working professionals to thrive in their educational journey without compromising their existing responsibilities.

To embark on your journey towards success and to learn more about our MBA program, click the learn more button below. Unleash your potential and unlock endless opportunities today!