• Congratulation Graduates of 2022!

    As a graduate from USM Professional Diploma, you may apply UNIRAZAK Bachelor in Management (with Honours) (MQA A7782) and professional Level 6 qualification from Chartered Management Institute, UK (CMI) via APEL A and shorten your program using your diploma via APEL C.

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    Those age 21 & above without entry requirement may apply via our APEL A Level 6

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    Shorten your duration it via APEL C credit award (up to 12 modules where 10 would be from your USM Professional Diploma)

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    100% online with one day live workshop per module (residency or online)

  • Introduction

    UNIRAZAK Bachelor of Management (with Honours) (BOMwithHons@UNIRAZAK) is a long distance and online learning programme. It is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to make good decisions in solving management and business problems.  


    Furthermore, it is design for busy working adults with its blended learning delivery, flexible schedule and credit award programme via APEL C.  With APEL C, the programme is shorten to only two (2) years plus to complete.  


    In this programme, you will learn about the various fields of business management and acquire the necessary background in economics and law, complemented by the fundamentals of maths and statistics applicable to the different management domains. 


    The programme gives students an important understanding of these fields and their links to the management discipline. Through this students are able to access business in a wider context and develop different ways of thinking. 


    Students develop presentation, communication and research skills, as well as gaining fluency in several languages. Group work and collective projects are an integral part of the programme, allowing students to gain insights into working as a team with people all over the world, both face-to-face and digital technology. 


    The programme is aimed at producing managers who are efficient, effective, analytical and possess excellent communication skills with ethical values and awareness towards social responsibility in future managers  

  • Proven programme for working professional

    Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK), through its Bank Rakyat School of Business, and Entrepreneurship offers the best management and business undergraduate programmes for your industry and your career. This is in line with UNIRAZAK's position as a Ministry of Higher Education's SETARA 5 Star University 2018/2019, the Entrepreneurial Private University of the Year * and Graduate Business School position as Asia's Best B-School **.UNIRAZAK is wholly-owned by Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra, which also owns Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB).


    Furthermore, UNIRAZAK gained membership from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) - an international accreditation body representing the highest standard of achievements for business schools worldwide. In addition to this, UNIRAZAK is a member of the European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD) - a globally recognized accreditation body of quality in management education.


    In October 2021, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) signed a Memorandum of Agreement to enhance the continuing education agenda and create flexible pathways for the benefit of learners, especially those who are working and seeking to reskill, upskill and upgrade themselves. 


    The MoA opens up pathways to learners enrolled in GSB USM’s Executive and Professional Development Programmes, namely the Professional Graduate Qualification Level 4 and Professional Postgraduate Qualification Level 7 to pursue their Bachelor of Management (Hons) or Master in Management at UNIRAZAK via Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).


    * Awarded by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia 2015

    ** Awarded by CMO Asia 2011

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  • Begin your journey toward a Chartered Manager with UNIRAZAK BOM & CMI, UK

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    Our BOM program has been accredited by the world’s leading professional body in management and leadership, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This accreditation brings a comprehensive range of benefits to our students and partners’ organizations and further demonstrates the academic rigor and skills development delivered through our programs.


    On successful completion of the MiM, our graduating students will receive:

    • CMI’s Level 5 Professional Qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership
    • Eligible to apply for Chartered Manager* status  (*must have a minimum of 3 years of manager experience)
    • Full membership or fellowship (dependent on experience)

    The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only chartered body committed to excellence in management and leadership. The CMI vision is for better led and managed organizations by increasing the number and standard of professionally qualified managers.


    Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession and recognizes the application of knowledge and competence to the highest of standards. Only awarded by CMI, thousands of managers at all levels and across all sectors now hold Chartered Manager and highly value it.


    In addition, whilst on a program, students will become affiliate members of the CMI benefiting from a wide range of additional support services to aid their development.

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    Programme Structure (Core Modules)



    • Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
    • Hubungan Etnik
    • Thinking Skills*
    • Bahasa Kebangsaan A*
    • Community Engagement and Volunteering*
    • Professional Event Management*
    • Introduction to the Malaysian Constitution


    • Business Communication
    • English for Academic Purposes
    • Volunteerism and Service Learning
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation


    • Corporate Social Policy
    • Principles of Management
    • Business Statistics
    • Principles of Finance
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Principles of Accounting
    • Business Mathematics
    • Financial Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Business Law


    • Human Resource Management
    • Productions and Operations Management
    • Introduction to Quality Management
    • Management Information Systems
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Business Research Methods
    • Cross Cultural Management
    • Project Management
    • Negotiations and Conflict Management
    • Managing Service Operations
    • Leadership, Innovation and Change
    • Global Supply Chain Management
    • Total Quality Management



    Entry Requirement

    • STPM, A Level, Matriculation, STAM, UEC
    • Diploma, Executive Diploma OR
    • Those above 21 years of age without the required qualification may apply through UNIRAZAK Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL)


    Quick Facts on BOMwithHons@UNIRAZAK

    • Level: MQF Level 6
    • Accreditation: Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) A7782 and recognition from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA), CMI UK
    • Duration of Learning: minimum 36 months (shorter with APEL C and Credit Transfer)
    • Number of Semesters: 6 Semesters
    • Number of Modules: 120 credits
    • Workshop: two (2) days per module (residency or live streaming) + online tutorials
    • Assessment Method: Assignment 80% Final Examination 20%
    • Mode: Distance, online learning


    • Why BOMwithHons@UNIRAZAK?

      A management degree programme by a prestigious award winning university; learning online via distance learning mode with the option of live two days workshop per module

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      Prestigious University

      Our Bachelor of Management (with Honours) has received full MQA and JPA accreditation. As a global university, UNIRAZAK also has international recognition. This makes UNIRAZAK graduates more accepted in the global jobs market

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      Designed to help you Graduate

      Designed is flexible enough for you to graduate while juggling with family and work. But it does not reduce your learning outcome at all.

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      Reasonable Fees

      Total fee of starts at RM29,350. Expect further 20% reduction in fee due to APEL C credit award from your USM Professional Diploma program and even more with your past work experience.

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      Open Entry

      The main point is to give you an opportunity. Entry requirements are open and based on work experience

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      Flexibility of time and place

      You choose whether you want to learn at home or at our local learning centre. You make the choice. Choose in 36 months (then shorten it further with APEL C credit awards and credit transfers).

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      Unique Online Experience

      You still receive the same level of teaching and support as a student on campus. The use of the latest online learning technology allows you to connect with friends and students.

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      Use APEL C to cut short your study

      As an APEL C centre, UNIRAZAK allows you to apply for credit award through a process of assessment of your past learning and work experiences.  


      Under APEL C, you may apply up to 30% credit awards. For a undergradaute programme that is a maximum of 12 modules.  This allows you to complete your programme faster and makes your tuition fee far cheaper.  

      Backed in 14 October 2021, UNIRAZAK and USM signed an MOA to collaborate on continuing education and flexible pathways. 

      The MoA opens up pathways to learners enrolled in GSB USM’s Executive and Professional Development Programmes to pursue their Bachelor of Management (Hons) or Master in Management at UNIRAZAK via Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) A and APEL C.

    • Your faculty

      When you register with UNIRAZAK, you are joining an award winning business school and education centre at a prestigious university with quality academic programme and a successful and ambitious network of students and alumni.

      Among the accomplishments of the UNIRAZAK:


      • Export Outstanding Achievement Award (Islamic banking and financial services) of the Year 2015

      • 4 Star Rating Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA) for the year 2014 - 2015.

      • Entrepreneurial Private University of the Year 2015

      • 2012 Brand Laureate Awards: Best Brands in Education - Tertiary and Best Brands in Brand Management

      • 'Quality College and University' from the 2nd International Standard Quality Award 2012

      • Putra Brand Awards 2011 (Education and Learning) category

      • Asia's Best B-School Award 2011 (from CMO Asia)

      • SME Award 2011 Country Friend (from SME Recognition Awards 2011)

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      Asst. Prof. Dr. Noorseha Ayob


      Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneurship

      Universiti Tun Abdul Razak

    • BOMwithHons @UNIRAZAK a global programme

      In addition to being accepted in the private sector and government sectors in Malaysia, graduates are also accepted in the global career market.

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      MQA Accreditation and JPA Recognition

      Bachelor of Management (with Honours) has been fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and with the recognition of the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA).

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      Global Recognition

      UNIRAZAK is a high-ranking government-linked university in Malaysia. In addition to MQA and JPA accreditation, it is also a recognition or membership in:

      • Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
      • Asia Pacific University Community Engagement Network (APUCEN)
      • Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
      • Central & Eastern Europe Management Development Association (CEEMAN)
      • International Association of University Presidents (IAU)
      • The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)
      • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
    • Studies show that over 60% of part-time students do not finish their programme *

      This programme is designed to help you easily complete your studies without affecting programme learning outcomes. This is what "learning is lifestyle".

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      Assignment as a method of assessment

      For each module, 80% of the score is from the assignments, while 20% is from final exam.

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      100% online, anywhere

      All learning materials for each module are available online. You have the option of not attending college and only attend online lectures and webinar only.

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      Two days workshop per module

      You will have an option for face to face two days workshop for each module for the whole programme. This would be supported by weekly online tutorial session.

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      Additional support

      Multiple support from universities and learning centers. With over a decade experience in managing and helping employees to complete their studies, SKC is committed to helping you succeed.

    • Affordable fees

      Best structure fee for an undergraduate programme

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      Easy Payment

      With our installment payment plan, the fee can be scheduled on a monthly basis.

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      EPF Withdrawal

      The EPF Withdrawal Scheme can be used to fund your studies. For more detailed information, please contact our consultant

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      HRDF Claimable

      The programme can also be claimed under HRDF. For more detailed information or assistance, please contact our consultant

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      PTPTN loans, scholarships and study grants are also available for students. Connect with us now and find out if you are eligible.

    • Executive education for all

      Open admission allows everyone who works to pursue higher education

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      Required Qualification

      STPM, A Level, Matriculation, STAM, UEC
      Diploma, Executive Diploma

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      Open Entry

      Those over 21 years of age without the required qualification such as STPM/ Marticulation/ Foundation/ Diploma may apply through UNIRAZAK Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL)

    • Interact with experienced lecturers

      Join our two days workshop for each module along with academic and industry-oriented lecturers

      At this intensive course you will be able to interact with experienced academics and industry experts, while at the same time able to take advantage of opportunities to recognize and collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and races.


      This face-to-face and online session intends to increase your understanding of the modules you are learning. During this session you will be able to apply the theory of learning and practical (practice) through discussions on module assignments.

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      Prof. Dr. Barjoyai Bardai

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      Prof. Nick Barker
      Foundation Professorial Chair in Leadership

      Yayasan Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali

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      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gazi Md Nurul Islam
      Associate Professor

    • Learning and Networking

      Our 20,000 alumni are proof that UNIRAZAK's studies are flexible enough to help you balance work, family and study.

      The UNIRAZAK alumni come from everywhere, each with a unique professional experience, personal commitment and career aspirations just as you are. UNIRAZAK is proud of its alumni who positively impact leaders and innovators in their communities and professions around the world.

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      Raja Iskandar Raja Mukhtaruddin

      (Masters in Philosophy)

      General Manager

      Human Resource & AdministrationGAS Malaysia Bhd

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      Nurhafizawati binti Ismail

      (MBA -Leadership)Sales Lead Malaysia & ThailandSoftline Group

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